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About Us

Benoit Language Services, Inc. has been serving the nation's interpreting needs since 1978, providing expert interpreters dedicated to the art of communication in a wide variety of languages. Our accredited professionals are well versed in all areas of the legal, medical and business fields, assuring you accurate, unbiased and confidential interpretations. We have abundant experience in court proceedings, depositions, medical examinations, recorded statements, arbitrations, business meetings, telephone interpretation and certified document translation. Our clients include insurance companies, physicians, law firms, hotels and major corporations.

Worldwide Telephone Service

More and more of our clients are turning to our telephone interpretation services as a convenient way to complement their on-site interpretation needs. Due to this increased interest in telephone interpretation services, we have added a new communication system designed to handle these calls. An interpreter is provided in the language needed to communicate quickly and effectively whether it is to confirm an appointment, arrange a meeting, take a recorded statement or discuss a business matter. Of course we maintain the same standards of professionalism and confidentiality on telephone calls as we do with on-site interpretation.

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